NEW Trusti Pasteur Pro!

Pasteurisation and quick thaw of high quality colostrum. Compact powerhouse with low energy and water utilisation.

colostrum & electrolyte feeding Simplified

High quality and stress free tube feeders. Practical and effective colostrum management and rearing equipment. Improve health and optimise performance of your animals.

Highest quality calf and goat cover you can find!!

Super warm, quick dry, waterproof, machine washable, long lasting. Specifically designed for correct fit and practicality.

Colostrum bags for preserving and feeding high quality colostrum.

The first colostrum is the most important feed of a calf’s life, successful antibody transfer leads to successful health and production.
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What our customers say about us

"The Antahi Trusti colostrum bags are a stroke of genius. The simplicity, practicality and effectiveness are in our opinion unequalled by any other product on the market. They play an essential role on our farm during calving, and have proven their worth time and time again."

Rex and Sharon Butterworth, Dairy Business of the Year winners, New Zealand

“I have never felt comfortable tubing my calves before because I was worried I would get milk in their lungs. I was surprised how easy the Antahi tubers were to use, it just glides down their throats. The calves are safe and fed in no time at all! ! I would even be happy for the staff to use this!”

Bryce Hazlitt, Dairy Farmer, Otaki, New Zealand

“One of those products that makes you wonder why you ever put up with what you were using before! Fast & easy to use and the flexible tube is so much kinder on the calves”

Melissa Barbour, Farmer, Maungatautari, New Zealand

This is fabulous. Although I’ve been tubing lambs for over 25 years, it terrifies me. This is easy and secure. It also holds more than the 3 oz syringe! Easy to clean and easy to use. This ensures I get the right stuff down every lamb the right way! I’m ordering more!

A. Cheatgrass, Sheep Farmer, Idaho

Used for the first time this 2019 lambing season. Significant improvement over a clear tube and 5 oz syringe that I have used for 20 years. You can milk directly into the container and easily see the quantity of milk by ounce. The finger mount on the container give nice hand control, and the tube slips into the lamb much easier. Vast improvement! Visit the manufacturer’s website for a 2 minute video that reinforces what you may already know.

B. Barry, Sheep Farmer, Indiana