NEW!!! Trusti Tuber for Lambs and Kid Goats

/NEW!!! Trusti Tuber for Lambs and Kid Goats
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  • Antahi Trust Tuber Kid Goat
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NEW!!! Trusti Tuber for Lambs and Kid Goats

🏆 Golden Capr'I 🏆 2018 Winner

We asked what you needed and here is the result.  Designed to ease your mind along with those newborn stomachs:

  • One-handed operation.

  • Safety indicator strips – know when the tube is safely positioned.

  • Specialised tube tip – prevents inadvertent airway insertion.

  • Stable base – allows you to pre-fill the vial.

  • Hole at tube end, not the side – good flow and allows cleaning of the whole tube.

  • Transparent tube – see the milk flow and see when clean.

  • Tube clip – Holds the tube off the ground, hygienic and handy.

  • Gravity flow – not pressurised, safer and easy to control.

  • Easy-hold handle.

  • 240ml capacity – one large or two smaller feeds without refilling.

  • Tube material avoids cracking.

  • Eye-catching colour makes her easy to find.

  • Flexible gentle tube, but not so soft it could coil in the throat.

  • Milk directly into the vial from the ewe/nanny without losing precious contents.

See how easy it is to use!

Product Description

The first purpose designed lamb and kid oesophageal tube in over 50 years!

Hear it from the farmer’s and vet’s mouth:

“Brilliant bit of gear, loved it” – Jarrod and Danielle Hawkins, Waikato.

“The handle is great, very easy to hold.  Loved the quick flow and being able to stand it up with milk in it”.  – Lisa and Stev Wild, Tirau.

“Very good to use.  The hook is very helpful as is the flat bottom and the higher volume”. – Lloyd and Rebecca Alexander, Taranaki.

“Took one go to get used to it then I loved it.  Great how you can see the tube tip passing down and the level of flexibility in the tube makes it easy to insert. The flat base with the tube clip was helpful as was having the handle to use with one hand”.  – Margaret Watkins, Cambridge.

“Definite improvement.  We used with both powder and colostrum from the ewe and both worked and flowed well.” – Mark and Robin Copland, Canterbury.

“Wonderful in the shed, would definitely buy one.  The handle and flat bottom is great to rest on things and it is easy to clean.” – Judy Stalker, Southland

“Excellent to use, great size vessel, how do I order more?” – Ross and Gilly Alexander, Matamata

How To Use

Step One: Gently pass the tube past the airway entrance
Step Two: Raise the vial to allow liquid to flow

1) Ensure the tube stays in position
2) Keep the head and neck above the stomach