1L / 0.25Gal Colostrum bag x 10 for Lambs, Kids, Foals

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This 1 litre size is ideal for storing and rapid thawing of multiple feeds for lambs and kid goats.

  • Easy storing in freezer (12 months) or fridge (3 days)
  • Transparent side - see the colostrum inside the bag and see the level reduce when feeding
  • Pasteurisation friendly - fit up to eight bags in the Trusti Pasteur
  • Rapid safe thawing in warm water - much faster than a bottle!  (remember temperature above 60°C and microwaves damage the crucial antibodies)
  • Option of a lamb/kid teat to attach directly to the bag
  • Pack includes X x 1 litre bags

Product Code:  OB10, OB50