Thermoo Calf Blanket

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Calves are born with only 3% body fat and a high surface area to body weight ratio. Under 3 weeks while reliant on milk they should be fed sufficient milk to counteract the energy they lose through maintaining body temperature under the lower critical temperature of 15°C.  By using the a long-lasting Thermoo calf cover your calf can divert available energy to more effective needs such as feeding, building immunity, and growth. 

It has been proven that below 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit) ambient temperature, the rate of colostral antibody absorption in newborns decreases (Olsen et al, 1981). By maintaining calf warmth you can ensure that your calves receive maximum benefit from the colostrum you have carefully supplied.

At 10°C the calf requires and extra 0.5 L milk per day, at 5°C an extra litre and at 0°C an extra 1.5 litres.

The Thermoo calf jacket has been specially designed for calves and has unique features making it highly practical and long-lasting.

Product Description

Through careful design and selection of materials we aim to bring you the most practical calf cover for your calf rearing.

Newborns | Weak Calves | Sick Calves | Cold Calves


  • Waterproof, windproof, breathable.
  • Belly strap avoids the navel.
  • Machine washable.
  • Large clips easy to handle in the cold.
  • Cosy neck extension with easy vein access.
  • Durable metal clips and quick dry material.
  • No sticky material to attract bedding.
  • Unique adjustable calf-specific design.
  • Leg straps for security and avoid soiling.
  • Also great for dogs!

Available sizes:

  • Small (maroon) great for Jerseys and crossbreds up to 5 weeks
  • Medium (blue) great for Friesians/large breeds.
  • RRP $35 USD.

Limited numbers.

"I have opted for cheaper calf jackets in the past and we found the Thermoo far superior in design, material, quality and warmth.  The shape and fittings are ideal for a cosy, secure fit."

April, Dairy farmer 600 Friesian and Jersey cows