Trusti Tuber for 2l, 4l Colostrum Bags

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The gentle, easy to use, award winning Trusti Tuber now available as a direct attachment to your Trusti Colostrum bags.

Keep your Trusti tuber well cleaning and it will last a long time due to the unique premium design and durable materials.



"The Antahi Trusti colostrum bags are a stroke of genius. We have used similar products that for multiple reasons do not come close to this. The simplicity, practicality and effectiveness are in our opinion unequalled by any other product on the market. They play an essential role on our farm during calving, and have proven their worth time and time again. We unhesitatingly recommend the bags and system to every farmer."

Rex and Sharon Butterworth, Dairy Business of the Year winners, New Zealand

 "I have been using the Antahi Colostrum bags this season to store any excess colostrum. These bags have been fantastic! Not only do they store up to 4L in one bag, but their large size allows for speedy thawing. The bags are strong enough to be used multiple times, and the wide opening allows for easy filling. I found they stacked neatly in the freezer, and didn't leak or burst as the colostrum froze like other bags I have used. The handles make for easy carrying, but also perfect to hang them up to dry after use. Will be definitely getting more for next season so no colostrum goes to waste!"

April Birchall, Farmer and Veterinarian, dairy farming 680 spring calving cows, Taupo NZ


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