NEW Trusti Tuber XS For Bottle

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The same ever popular Trusti Tuber now in an EXTRA SMALL size for our more dainty calves.  Made in a hot purple colour to easily distinguish the two sizes, and made to fit the same ergonomically designed Antahi bottle.

  • Easy to swallow.
  • No bruising or injury.
  • No pressure on airway during feeding.

Farmers have consistently reported how much easier the Antahi Tubers are to use and how much happier their calves are. Trials demonstrated an 88% reduction in behavioural calf stress compared with more rigid feeders. Procedure time was almost halved due to the smoother process.


The combination of mouthpiece, flexible tube, specially designed safety tip and calf size markers ensure maximum calf comfort, calf safety and usability during tube feeding. The Trusti Tuber has a sleek and simplistic mouthpiece with a muzzle stop, designed for the user to easily hold in place with one hand.

  • Maximum comfort
  • Minimum stress

By sliding the tube through the mouthpiece, the tube will gently find its way around the delicate tissues of the throat to enter the oesophagus. When in position the tube will flex with the calf, avoiding any painful pressure points and injury.

For use with the 4 litre Antahi Feeder bottle. Can be used to rehydrate animals up to 30kg and to relieve free gas bloat.


Product Code:  TT05 and TT05B